Amazing! We had the monster cookie. My son loved it! Can’t wait to go back and try more flavors!
Love the ice cream. Love the service. Love the atmosphere.
I was so happy to stumble upon this amazing find! I loved the ice cream and tell everyone about MooMcGinn's Magic Creamery. It truly IS Magical!
One of my favorite icecream places
Ice cream is always good. But apparently they have changed from punch cards to electronic points. I arrived tonight to get my free ice cream and purchase another since the very next punch was for a free ice cream. I was informed that they no longer honor the punch cards and I will get points for all of the punches I already had. And the amount of points needed are alot more than the number of punches needed to get a freebie. I was not very pleased, not to mention the lady had a very bad attitude. I guess because we walked in 20 mins before close to get ice cream to go. This was my last visit.
Awesome place! Best sweet tea in Georgia. Came in today and had awesome service. Good vibes at this place. Emily and Katie were very nice and personable. I highly recommend making this your go to ice cream shop.
Best ice cream I have ever had for sure. Every time I’ve been, customer service has been above and beyond also. Can’t wait until next time I make it back!
Friendly and helpful staff. Ice cream is smooth and creamy and delicious!
Took the kids Sunday for the first time and everything was delicious and portions were very generous. It's a must try for ice cream in Springfield!
We ordered 8 cups of ice cream. They were made fast and just the way we ordered them. The lady taking our order was really nice and patient!
So fresh and tasty! I had vanilla with Nutella, caramel, and brownies. My husband had peanut butter fudge.
I had the Mayan chocolate and it was very good except for the fact that it had cayenne pepper in it. The lady talked me into getting that flavor so I thought that sounds great but I didnt read the ingredients until after my mouth was burning but the taste of the chocolate was soooo good though. Definitely won't be gettin that again just plain chocolate next time. My son had cookies n creme and he loved his as well. Will definitely be going back soon.
The ice cream was wonderful and the staff were very pleasant and welcoming! Although, I wish you had more of a selection on the size of the ice cream cup!
Wonderful ice cream treat; fun to watch them make it right in front of you. Menu board is wide and varied; I love their raspberry rendition and our friend really loved their chocolate turtle. That menu has almost anything and everything you could possibly want in ice cream. Really rich, creamy and tastes just like the best homemade ice cream you can imagine.
I visited Saturday evening for the first time. I had the key lime pie and LOVED it! Great flavor and generous portion. Customer service was great and the young lady that helped me was very polite and informative.
This is by far the best ice cream place around. All the workers, especially the owner, are extremely friendly and welcoming! Couldn’t find a better place to hangout.
Delicious ice cream! I love that each ice cream is made to order and you can be really creative with your flavors and mix-ins. The ice cream is soooo rich and creamy! Definitely real, QUALITY ice cream, and the servings are huge! Absolutely worth every penny! The shop is adorable and the staff is super sweet and friendly, too. Overall a great place and a great experience. Effingham needs more places like this!
Today was our first time there. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the ice cream was amazing. We will be back and are spreading the word!!